AI-powered adaptive microlearning platform

Noxilla's adaptive microlearning platform based on social learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence algorithms, and brain-based learning, helps learners to retain information longer and better. Our platform tracks, identifies and applies measures to business areas that when operated effectively and efficiently, improves the overall performance of individuals and groups within your organization.

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What we do
Human Capital Management

We help organizations cope with one of the most common risks that businesses face—a lack of employee knowledge that results in a lack of performance. The unique Noxilla solutions support organizations with a set of cohesive tools that increase employee engagement and productivity and are designed to meet the learning needs of each employee. With our strong platform machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, we detect and eliminate knowledge gaps.

  • Learning

    Create an engaged team of skilled employees by improving knowledge transfer

  • Engagement

    Increase employee engagement & performance by better alignment to business objectives

  • Performance

    Make data-driven Performance management decisions with drilled down data at your fingertips

  • Cost saving

    Cost savings, such as fewer sick days, faster onboarding and lower employee turnover rates can save you valuable time and therefore, money

Our Approach
We believe that learning should be fun, adaptive, social and have significant MEASURABLE IMPACT in the workplace

User-generated content
& knowledge sharing

The Noxilla Learning Management System is designed from the ground up to support knowledge sharing within organizations, supporting the creation of user-generated content, while giving L&D administrators the tools they need to manage and share effectively.

Adaptive Learning based on
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Noxilla offers personalized and adaptive online learning solutions to engage learners and achieve better learning results. Personalized and adaptive learning can change learning content or the mode of delivery on the fly and to provide real-time feedback to learners. With our machine learning algorithm, we collect and update variables such as learning preferences, knowledge levels, or competencies to push different content to each learner. Personalized learning paths can be changed dynamically based on learners’ progress, interest, or some other criteria.


Our brain-based microlearning approach is based on the latest insights into neuropsychology and neuroscience. We apply sticky course principles to make learning brain friendly. Our solutions make new connections in the brain to store knowledge more effectively and to retrieve it faster. Also, knowledge goes more from the short term - to the long term memory where it can be used to improve performance.


The Noxilla microlearning solution has proven to change employee behaviors in minutes a day and measures the return on learning and development investments. It helps your employees to adapt and reminisce about doing the things that matter most to your business — giving your employees a platform that offers a fun, fast, and personalized learning experience into the daily workflow. That helps your employees with knowledge about doing the right things. Our platform will present focused, small-sized bursts of information in the way that people learn best, put together in an adaptive, engaging experience that fits right into the workflow - in just a few minutes a day.

Gamification 3.0
Increase learner engagement by rewarding proactivity with incentives

Noxilla supports the gamification 3.0 initiative. effectively improves gamification and microlearning by using incentives solutions based on Blockchain Technologies. enhance workforce performance by offering solutions for rewarding members in online platforms with Blockchain Tokens for valuable behavior. This behavior could include onboarding new members, creating valuable content, creating and joining events, answering questions of others, finishing learning tasks. The Tokens can be utilized within a learning platform or decentralized throughout an entire organization. Learners can redeem their tokens for real-world incentives.

& microlearning

Not only learners can earn rewards based on token incentives, but also L&D professionals can earn tokens when their training and content are apricated by stakeholders. Our vision is to create an ecosystem where learners, trainers, employers, advertisers, and content providers are connected using blockchain technology to transform education as we know it. To better share knowledge, to give trainers new ways to earn revenue, and to provide learners the ability to create a blockchain based record of their learning achievements. Based on 25 years of experience with the education industry and combined with our strong technical capabilities, we take the lead in creating a more effective way to engage learners.


Our social learning technology solutions use social features to help learners test their knowledge, share their expertise with other learners, and take ownership of their training. With our social learning solution, you can engage learners to make online education highly engaging and collaborative for your learners.


With our video-based learning solutions, you will have the power to captivate, entice, and educate learners with the user of videos. Accurately built videos, meaning correct sized videos with appealing visuals and narration help the audience connect well to the subject being taught. Video-based learning in corporate learning improves the retention of concepts due to their appeal and in turn enhances the productivity of learners.

Mobile learning

The Noxilla mobile learning solution empowers your employees with daily, practical content that boosts knowledge retention and productivity. We combine artificial intelligence with social learning to offer each user a personalized training at the right time on a mobile device. With our solution, you can support your workforce with access to on-the-go learning content.

Learning content development

Content development concerns? No worries!

One of the most critical factors to make online education effective is having enough exciting content. We can help you to make sure you’ll never have to worry about the burden of content development. We have a pool of specialists ready to ensure the continuity and stability development of engaging content. Specialists ranging from learning video’s development to specialists on mixed reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Get access to development best practices and a flexible and ready talent pool.









Noxilla Insights

Get insights in core employee metrics in real time. The Noxilla Insights solution combines data from different systems to give a detailed picture of the workforce. Track and measure, for example, the impact that training has on your business. Correlate easily any KPI with your training metrics to discover any relationship and dependence between training and business performance.

Noxilla Social

Noxilla Social enables you to reach and engage every single one of your employees. Noxilla platform connects employees using a common online platform, no matter if your employees are located at manufacturing lines, retail floors or different offices.

Noxilla Learning

Create high impact learning scenarios for employees and connect learning directly to competencies to improve individual, team and organizational performance. Identify gaps based on the results provided by the Noxilla performance management tools and assign high-impact learning and development activities in support of career progression and talent pools.

Noxilla Recruitment

Find and select talents based on web-based process management screening and video interviewing.

Noxilla Onboarding

Provide your new employees with an engaging onboarding experience. New employees will get with the Noxilla onboarding tools training videos, essential information, and checklists to ensure a productive first day.

Noxilla Performance

Create a culture of Feedback & Engagement. The Noxilla Performance Management solution is a simple alternative to traditional performance management. Get more ROI from performance management by activating employee performance with easy to set up goals, and review apps to maximize productivity, increase employee engagement and align with business objectives.



Our Partner Program offers you the perfect opportunity to increase your service portfolio, improve your customer base and add new revenue streams to your business. Noxilla will support you with products and services to help your business to be able to sell our services.
White-label product delivery is possible.


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